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Barium chloride Product:Barium chloride
CAS Number:10361-37-2
Quality Standard:≥98.0%
Package Kg/drum:25kg/bag
Place of orgin:China
Detailed Introduction:


Product name:Barium chloride

CAS:10361-37-2   MF:BaCl2 .2H2O        MW:244.26                                    


Appearance:white powder             Hazard Class: 6.1

UN:1564                             Purity:≥98.50%

Packing:25kg woven bag , 50kg woven bag    

Property:White rhombic flaky crystal, dissolvable in water, indissolvable in alcohol, poisonous.                                                   


As raw material for producing other barium salts; used in refining brine (for caustic soda electrolysis) and ferrite industry etc.

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